Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, what are your resolutions?

Happy New Year to each and everyone.

My resolutions are:

1) To get more active and get more exercise to help me lose some weight.

2) Drink less pop and more water to help with the above.

As to WOW:

1) Find a good guild, since my guild has basically been put on life support.

2) Get into Kara and beyond.

3) Learn to control my character better, using macros and keybindings instead of clicking. Not sure if I am going to go mouse movement or remap to use the numpad to move with.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh woah is me for trying to do BG daily quests

All night long we horde were either outnumbered or full of tards, but after 3 AB, I was able to complete the daily quest. Of course I had to get a couple WSG in and an EotS, the EotS was a nice quick loss as I joined in progress, but I got a mark which I don't have a lot of.

I need to read up on the strat for EotS too. OH and the AB "fix" has broken the horde side in my battlegroup. I haven't been in on a win yet. I am sad.

Anyway, I am back into WOW, now I just need to get my good computer back up and running. I am about to turn it over to a professional.

Monday, December 17, 2007

WTF? my Monitor is going crazy

Okay so tonight I watch a little TV after work, then come in to check email and my monitor is kinda fuzzy. Could be me, my blood pressure is a bit high due to not eating right and being way overweight, but it's odd. Could be the position of the monitor, it's a bit too low, needs to be raised up but it's too late to mess with tonight.

Dick made a comment about maybe the new job getting me back into WOW a bit more. Actually what's really keeping me down in WOW is the computer issue. I just need to get the MOBO replaced and I think I'll play more. Single digit FPS is just not a good thing. That and my server being a bit odd kinda makes for hard times. Anyone else see one side running the zone PvP stuff in Outlands and no one on your side wants to take it from them?

On another positive note, I traded in my 05 Kia Optima for an 07 Suzuki XL7. Payments went up but much bigger car. Seriously I am 6'4" and that Optima was way too small. What was I thinking?

Anyone got any cool plans for the Christmas Holidays? My family pretty much lives around here and we'll have Christmas over at my aunt's house with the big family and mostly just hang out here when not over there. Plus, I don't have any day off but Christmas Day, so that'll limit any cool plans.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My name is FTP and I cannot jumpshoot

Okay, sadly, I am a keyboard mover. I don't move with the mouse, can't get it to work right, it feels so...awkward. Heck, sadly, during my days in DragonRealms (text based RPG for the olde) I used to use the numpad for moving room to room and all the keyboard for macros and such. Sadly, I cannot do it in WOW. I am ashamed.

Hi. My name is Halkale and I cannot jumpshoot.
/hangs head in shame.

Oh yes, I know the idea and the process and can do it if I want to, but like I said, I cannot do it in the battle. Hence, why I probably suck so bad at the PvP thing. (although I usually do well because I know my class)

Here's what set this off.

Please don't hurt me if you read this Shifttusk. Plug:

Back In PIE!

Okay I am back!

The previously mentioned new job is going well. I have a lot of opportunity for advancement there and they seem to like me. Yeah, strange right?

I still don't have my main computer fixed and it has really put a damper on my WOW playing. It's just hard to play the game at the lowest settings and almost come to a standstill in the major cities. I haven't even tried to do any instances.

I made 69 but dang what used to be most nights 3-4 hours has come out to be very little play time and barely even playing on the weekends.

Rant on:
My server's economy sucks bad. I put on a bunch of greens from the outlands and sold very little of it. Oh sure the runecloth and lower healing pots sold. My first server was pretty new and after about 6 months it started settling down especially after the transfers were opened. My current server transfers have been open for many months and still the economy is horrible. Rant off:

My guild is not going well, we keep losing folks and not really gaining as many. Of course, I haven't been around much so part of the problem is I don't think we are recruiting. The server seems to be very small especially on the horde side so that adds to the problem.

Oh for those of you who don't know, BRK has moved. Link has been updated.

My cat is falling so far behind. I try to bring her out when I am grinding mats for leather working and primals but it so hard to get her caught up. Plus, that charge aggro is so very nice. The Boar appears to be my main pet now.

Here's a newish pic of me and him.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

For those away from their families during this time I hope you get a chance to speak with them on the phone. Just remember to tell them you love them every time, you never know when you won't get the chance again.

I am very thankful this year because I have a new job and I start December 3rd. Woot!

My main computer is down, it's the motherboard and I need to remove it and the CPU and memory and all the other stuff and get an RMA and send it back to the manufacturer. This sucks.

Got a new video card for my old computer but it still isn't as good as it needs to be to make WOW enjoyable.

I found out I could get a decent FPS by starting a new character. Apparently the lowbie zones don't have quite the FPS hit the outlands zones do. So, I started a Druid. He's now 22 level. I die a lot. A LOT!!!!

I plan on getting him to 29, getting economy twinked and getting some good amount of honor and marks from there.

Friday, November 9, 2007

MEDIC MEDIC!!! Computer down

I built my first PC with the help of my brother in law. It is a good computer. Sadly, apparently the power supply died. I have tried to play WOW on my older computer and it's so frustrating.

I cannot step foot into a city or get 15FPS. Combat is fun because all my macros and key bindings are on my other computer.

New Power supply on the way, hopefully I don't find more problems once it's installed. Sadly, I have to order the power supply as the one I want isn't carried locally.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Squad 51, this is Rampart.

And it was a wipe.

So, Ace of Spades--okay 3 of us, Shadow Priest, Rogue and myself and my boar pig, plus a Pally for healing and a warrior. I was running the group, marked the first two just inside the instance and bam grabbed aggro on the PAT guy. We adjusted and got through it.

Overall, this was a good group, flexible and when a pull went bad or something odd happened, or someone screwed up (and we all did) we overcame it and moved on. A few deaths, the rogue had to vanish the first time on the 2nd boss to prevent the wipe. Warrior went to sword and board and I kept the healer in the back to heal him up. Of course a dang blue mace dropped. No loot for me.

Dragon boss, oh the huge mannatee. We wiped, twice. Apparently, the warrior wasn't geared well enough to stay alive and the minute he lost aggro, the priest goes down or the pally and usually meant I was the last one standing, with the rogue vanishing to keep the wipe from occuring. OH wait, that boss resets anyway.

Anyone have any idea of a plan for that boss? Do we just need to find a tank that can stand up to the dragon? How do we transition from the humanoid boss to the dragon boss?

Of course, I turn in the letter you get and DING, 62. Oh and I am now honored with Thrallmar. Woot, Leatherworking recipes! and now to get honored with Centarion Expedition.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GAHHHH more WSG marks

So last night I look down at my stacks of marks and realize (incorrectly) I only need 5 more WSG marks to get my Kodo! The first game is like a root canal with no drugs and a blind dentist. We lose 3-0 because we have less than zero offense. Is it just me or does WSG tend to attract the morons of WOW? Like all the morons waiting to jack up every PUG are waiting in WSG to mess that up?

So I get my five marks and rush to Org to turn them in and get my kodo and get to Outlands to build my bank up for the Epic riding skill. Wait...what? it's 30 marks each. (fist shake)

So, tonight I get to hang out in WSG. I am sooooo very happy.

Anyone playing the PTR and have word on the changes to AV?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where in the world is Hal the hunter?

Okay it's been a few days since my last post. Ooops.

Well life has been busy for me. Work sucks, what's new... My friends and I left Blood Line and created our own guild called Ace of Spades. I've been developing our forums and working on a website, so I have that going for me. ;)

As you can see I also made 58, ran through the portal and made 59 a few hours later. Upgrades are plentiful.

Yes, I have had my first Fel Reaver death. That is a funny story actually. I avoided Fel Reaver deaths during my time soloing over the weekend. Yesterday, our 58 priest walked into Outlands and we were getting him caught up to me. We avoided a Fel Reaver and I called it a bad word and it NO LIE came back for me!

As soon as the website is more than just a filler website I'll link it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Are the Epic PvP rewards worth it at 60?

I enjoy playing in the battlegrounds and would really like to spend some time in there as I get closer to 60. Maybe when I hit 60, I'll go hang out in AV for a long time.

So my question is this, are the PvP epic rewards worth it? Or will a few hours in Outlands replace them quickly?

Edit: Thanks for the responses. Yes I've been to Outlands on my dwarf hunter and noticed how quickly I moved from sucky old world greens to OL greens! I just wasn't sure how quickly one might replace the "OMG PURPLEZZZZZ" epics from PvP, since I didn't really do PvP on my dwarf.

Is that a shiny spear on your back or are you happy to see me?

Well earlier today I snuck into AV and got a win on my first time in the battleground. So, yes you see I have the Ice Barbed Spear. I had a guildy throw a +15 Intel on the spear too. Why? Well, I have a goodly amount of agility already and mana consumption is normally my problem.
I think you should have your enchants and armor/weapons be a complete set instead of pieces. In other words, does the totality of the "set" work for your playstyle. End game I probably wouldn't do this, but that spear will carry me through a long time and now if I see stamina/agility type armor I can work on that and still have a decent amount of intel.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lost in a guild, how do you avoid this?

Blood Line looks like a really good guild, lots of activity, the 70's are working on getting everyone keyed for Kara and it seems the lower level folks are helping each other.

That's all well and good for me as I am used to working solo until I need help with an instance.

But, the question before us to day, is how do I not get lost in the guild. How do I work through the leveling process and not become just a member or a number? How do I become a positive addition to a guild and still have the ability to do what I want to do? I want to get into later instances and do end game stuff. I suspect I'll have plenty of time as I don't doubt I'll be 70 for an extended period of time prior to the new expansion coming out.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Merge to a new guild

I am level 49 now and finally got the Grimlock's Charge to drop. While farming the back part of Uldaman for it, we got an invitation to merge our guild with another. Most of us joined the new guild, including most of the higher level folks, as I see.

The problem? I went from being one of, if not the, top hunter in my smaller guild, to middle of the pack in a larger guild. Time will tell if I can make a spot for myself.

Apparently the armory thing above didn't update on last night's exit. hrm..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cooking and fishing....

Okay so I have 169 Fishing and 295 Cooking. The only real yellow recipe for me is one that uses Mightfish, which apparently take over 400 in Fishing.

Seriously, why does a recipe that takes 275 Cooking need an item you need 100+ more in another skill to get?

I do suppose it's not horrible since you can skill up fishing by just catching fish. Heck I can skill up fishing for deviate fish so I can get my pirate or ninja mojo!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Brew Fest

Well they finally got the "Barker" quests fixed on QD. I was able to do the run my first time. I did okay on my barrel quest, but let the darn ram go into exhausted too many times.

I will have a ram though, if I keep this up.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Building a Hunter

First and foremost, you want to know the best talent build for a hunter, look no further than There is just no reason not to build as you level exactly the way he tells you to in the first 40 points. Want to build for a battle ground twink? Well maybe BM isn't the way to go early in your life. Most WSG/AB battles are quick and you need damage output in short bursts, so MM might be the way to go. After you get intimidation though, you cannot stay away from BM. In fact, depending on how you play AB or WSG, it might be best to stay BM. I did, until the last week or so in 39 and I switched over to MM to try it out.

What build determines the best build for you? Playstyle mostly. Of course, this is a moot point until you reach up into your higher levels. BM has been considered the best leveling build by most hunters. It buffs your pet, makes him an effective tank and your pet does enough damage to hold aggro well. As a MM, you can crit a few times and grab aggro. Survival is really an end game type of build, it requires a lot (read 600+) agility to really shine.

But build discussion isn't my main concern here. That you can find everywhere. My main concern here is what armor, stats etc should I look for as I build my hunter.

Here are some facts. Hunters are designed to do their damage at range. They are designed to use their pets to help them stay at range. A hunter uses mana. In a perfect world, a hunter should never take damage except when stealing aggro or adds or those pesky casters that suddenly switch targets.

Let's examine the facts.

Hunters are designed to do their damage at range. Okay so why do we carry melee weapons. Well, for one thing, you at some time, will have something get to melee on you. For the first 10 levels you don't have a pet to tank for you. But the real reason we have melee weapons (ok how about the nicest reason) is for you to be able to bonus your stats. What stats you ask? Agility, Stamina and Intelligence. Also, Ranged Attack Power (or attack power), Hit, Crit Chance, etc. For the most part, as you are moving up through the levels you will see plus to Stats though.

Notice that in this there isn't a need for strength. Or Spirit.

So, what do you need to look for on the AH etc?

First things first. Once you pass level 10, you should be working to not pull aggro off your pet. Keep it trained with the highest level of claw and growl, or gore, if you go with the ravager or boar. After that your armor doesn't matter as much. Work on saving money because at the very first you will move through levels so quickly, spending a ton of cash on armor/weapons won't pay off.

There is one exception. Your ranged weapon of choice should always be as up to date as possible. A point here: Range weapons with special procs or some such won't be as nice as additional stats bonuses. If you get a nice drop, certainly use it, but don't drop a bunch of gold on it. You want to save for your mount and have cash left over for a nice enchant if you get a nice blue. See, a blue might last you 5-6 levels, if nothing else is good out there.

I try to spend nothing on armor/weapons until i get to the capital city through questing. As a hunter you can use leather and cloth, get a cloth drop and it's an upgrade to your armor area? Put it on. Especially early when they don't soulbond.

As you begin to progress you might notice armor starts to get stats added to the areas. You should be looking for of the Falcon, of the Eagle and of the Monkey armor pieces. These carry your top three stat needs. Falcon is nice due to bonus to Agility and Intel. Monkey is nice for Agility and Stamina. And Eagle is Intel and Stamina.

A point here. Try to work your entire armor and weapon set as a whole. In other words if you find a piece that bonuses agility heavy on one slot, put intel or stamina in another. Oh and another point, single stat pieces don't usually sell for as much as multiple bonus ones. Might mean a good deal can be had on a of Stamina or of Intel piece.

I have more to write but I am rambling now so I want to end this and think things through a bit before continuing.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Thoughts: Patch 2.2 Hated it!

Welcome to my new Friday post recurring thing. Random thoughts like other folks do, but purely my own. Or sometimes I steal them.

This new AH sucks. Strike that, it sucks and blows. It sucks and blows more than an F5 (enhanced) tornado. Currently it messes with 2 of my addons. 2!

BRK is detailing the new hunter pet here.

yes, fel reavers will rock.

Apparently we are going to be able to tame Warlocks later in the patch sequences, so will that be taming cross faction? I would love to have a little gnome warlock. mmmmm

Okay, my Royals suck. They suck less this year than last. They suck less than the new AH thing. I have tickets to tonights, Saturday and possibly Sunday's games. Tonight is a Buck night. Hot Dogs, small peanuts and the sip of pop cups are only a dollar. Good times. Oh it's also Fireworks Friday. They put on a good show and Fireworks are always good.

Next month contains Customer Service week. Be sure to be nice to them.

Did I mention that the new AH mail thing sucks?

Why is there a lack of bows and guns and 2 handed axes in the mid 40's to 50's area?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Woot 45 and the pet caught up!

So I dinged to 45 and the pet dinged to 44 right before I dinged. Finally, all the work is done and the cat is up to my level. Put her in the stable and picked up prowl 2 from an elder shadowmaw while I was in STV.
Next stop, Feralas.

Of course, there won't be much time to play this weekend as I have things to do this weekend. Oh well, I accomplished my goal of getting to 45 this week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New guild....

Here's hoping that we found a new guild that has a bit more activity than the last one. So far looking good.

Technology can sometimes be difficult

So, Tuesday morning early, we have a set of thunderstorms roll through and take out the power for a few seconds a couple of times. In the end no major harm.....


Our home gateway for our AT&T U-Verse (cable TV) and internet goes down...


An hour and half later last night and the tech says, "We need to send a tech out to swap the gateway."

Bummer. No cable. No internet. No WOW.

So, I watch the last couple of discs in the Band of Brothers set and the documentary on the real Men of Company E. Wow! Those men were heroes. I highly recommend the set and reading the book by Ambrose.

Oh, the gateway is like a really big modem, it controls the cable and the internet and the big red flashing light was very annoying.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Szablya dings 40!

My guildmate and I decided I needed the Carrot on a Stick, so we found 3 other folks to roll through Zul'Farrak. Well during the run, Szablya dinged to 39 then 40. WOOT! So here she is in all her prowlness! (I had to retrain to get claw 6 done)
Just prowl, greenish background, pet not selected.

Prowl pet selected, background is whiter.

Prowl on, Big red Szablya. Hard to see isn't it!??
So I dinged up to 43. Need to finish up some quests in Arathi and up to the Hinterlands and such. I also need a few more quests done in Dustwallow Marsh. Then I suspect I need to go to Tanaris.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Okay, so I spent the weekend at my aunt's basically making sure her 18 didn't have a ton of kids over and burn the place to the ground. Didn't get to play WOW much.

I realized I am most likely not going to stop and play the battlegrounds in the 40's bracket much. I just want to get to outlands and such.

My ghost saber just dinged again and is slowly but surely catching me. This is good because as I begin to run out of quests to finish up before I head into new territory, I need it to hold aggro better. Luckily, I do have some quests to finish in Arathi Highlands and surrounding areas that are still yellow to me, which means I make up for the lack of kill exp with some decent quest exp. Funny thing is, as a hunter, if the quest is orange you can usually do it solo.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Names for the Ghost Saber

Okay so I have narrowed my choices for names to two.

DieSpitze = German phrase die spitze meaning vanguard. I would pronouce the name Deh-spit-zy

Szablya = Hungarian word meaning to cut, possible origin for the word saber. I would pronouce the name Zaab-ya

What you think?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not sure I like this new template

I think this template has a cool background but it sorta smooshes everything together. With the new bigger wider monitors I think templates with wider columns are better. I may have to switch back.

Update: Okay after getting to work and looking at this template on my old 17" CRT monitor it doesn't look as smooshed as it does on my home 22" widescreen LCD.

What say you?

Update 2: Okay found a 3 column version I like much better. Yeah posts are in the middle, but I like this format. Lost all my "widgets" so I am recreating them as I think they fit.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ghost saber in Red!

Okay so figured I should put up some screen shots of the ghost saber in all his transparency. I have taken him through an almost full run of SM and battle satyrs in Desolace and taken down 40 elites with him.
Here's the pic of him and I relaxing in Thunder Bluff.
And here's a pic of him in all his big red coolness.

It's hard to see in the pic I think, but even red he's opaque.


As you can see, he's been trained with growl and claw. In addition he has avoidance and cobra reflexes and Rank 2 of each of the resistances. I might change that later due to wanting him to have a bit more health. I plan on putting prowl and dash on him for those times when those will come in handy.

I have a few more quests to finish up in Desolace, then I am on to Swamp of Sorrows. I am looking forward to that run, since you have to run through Duskwood to get there, although I think I can do it and not get gang tackled by the guards as I did on my way to Redridge. Heh.

ARRRRR it's pirate day!

Some silliness for Talk like a pirate day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dude where's your kodo?

Okay so in the past I said I was going to work on getting to Exalted with Thunder Bluff before 40...well I failed. So, I am the proud owner of a Dire Wolf Mount.
One of my friends and I ran through SM last night so I could get all my quests in there done. I netted big cash! It's amazing what you can do when you have a 70 shaman running you through. My ghost saber gained 4 levels and is now closer to my level, might even help me level!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


So, after a couple of frustrating games in the 30's bracket (and we won, go figure) I decided enough was enough. I had enough gold to get trained and be well on my way to get a mount, so I leveled. Still working on the ghost saber so right now, here's Whitemane in all his Big and Redness.Wasn't it nice for Holgar Stormaxe to want to pose with us?

Couple upgrades from PvP rewards but still mostly leather. I need some gold as you can see for the mount, but I am off to try to get to high 40s as quick as possible so I can enjoy that bracket. I might try to save up honor and marks for 60 epic PvP set.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Arathi Basin Weekend..then hello 40!

So, this is AB's weekend for bonus honor. So I figure this will be my last turn through the 30's bracket and I am off to make 40. I have enough rested to get me there and the pet is about 1/2 to 39. I will most likely move to my ghost saber, so I need to name him/her. If you are reading this and haven't posted a comment, shame.
I am tired of having this stuffy nose and blowing it all the time and not getting to a sinus infection so I can get the drugs needed to kill it. I'd kill it with fire, but let's be honest, facial burns would not be worth it.
Would it kill some of you who visit here to post to let me know you do? Really??? Please?
OMG I miss Beastmaster.
I rolled up a rogue setting up for a 29 twink. Yeah I got issues.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I hab a cowd

After fighting allergies for the past few weeks, I finally have decided this is turning into a sinus infection. Gah! I hate these things. Better call the doctor and get the drugs ordered so I can nip this in the bud.

I can't breathe through my nose, which sucks at work, but sucks worse at night. I have sleep apnea and have to use a CPAP machine and it blows air through my nose to keep me breathing.

As you can see below, I hate my job. It sucks. Really sucks. Too bad it doesn't suck the congestion out of my nose. yeah, that was a gross thought, but hey I cannot breathe. I look like a slack jawed yokel ( no offense to the slack jawed yokels reading my blog) sitting at my computer wishing I could breathe normally and my eyes watering. Grrrrrr.

Sigh, sucks

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We won't forget.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Help me name my new ghost saber!

I picked up a ghost saber and now I need a name. I suck at naming things so I need your help. I won't name him/her until I get some good suggestions so, please help my "Cat" get a name.

Stupid me didn't take a screenshot of him/her so...head to Petopia and see screenies of them there!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Over the rivers and through some hills to grandma's house I go.

Well I'll be gone all weekend to my grandmother's house. Not a bad deal due to great food and time away from the hustle and bustle of city type life. It's much better now since they upgraded to satellite TV a few years back. Of course, I'll take a few guns and kill a few cans and rabbits, but it's what I do.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is it time for a new pet?

Okay so I have the white lion from the barrens that you get with a quest. I thought I was being different. I am not. I am sad because I have this white lion and I keep seeing tons of them running around. Well...I go to Petopia (see link in my favorites area) and check out the special pets section. Hrm. There are pets with unique skins. Hrm. I travel around and try to get a special skinned pet or hope that the other huntards will drop their white lion skinned pet for something else.

On my dwarf, I ran a raptor almost all the way up through until I could tame King B. Then I tamed the Raptor King and ran him through to Winterspring, then went with a bear. I am digging the cats though.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Working on my UI a bit

Okay working on my UI a bit, what do you think?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Revered with Thunder Bluff!

Okay I've moved on from the 20-29 bracket and starting to level. Turned in a quest in 1KN and woot! Revered with Thunder Bluff. Just 20988 rep left and I'll be able to buy my kodo. Maybe when I reach 40 even!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Braggin' That's all..nothing more.

Okay, maybe more than bragging. WTF is wrong with these rogues? I have tons more damage and played Defense and rocked the world of the ally and they have 20k less damage than me? Sneaky is one thing, not doing crap is another.

First group. Dang I'd BG with them anytime. They flat out rocked. We just could not be contained. Second group. WOW, they showed heart. Big freaking supersize heart. This match started out poorly, we were outnumbered, then we caught up, then we lost a few thinking we were going to lose. We didn't we came back from 2-0 and won. Yeah, this is a group of fighters. They can go to battle with me anytime. Except Matrim. You let a hunter beat you by 20k points and well..that's a shame.

I am so digging playing the Battlegrounds. They are a rush if you get in there and mix it up. There are some freaking great Alliance folks playing these days. Badman or Badassman. Warrior. Wow, he topped me in damage during a match. He just kept coming.

Dude! I want my kodo! Leave me alone!

Okay so I am 29, inching up with enough savings to get close to being ready for 40th and the mount buying time.

Well... I want a Kodo. Yes, I am an orc, but I want a kodo dangit! So, I am grinding rep in the TB area. Screamed through the Tauren starting quests and moved to Mulgore to do the Bloodhoof Village ones.

Out gathering my stones and seed/nuts for the quests, killing swoops (how much I hated those things as a young tauren) and raising up my unarmed skill. Yes, I was punching all my mobs to death and my pet was just sitting there on passive. MUNTARD FOR THE WIN!!!!

So, minding my own business and such, when the defense channel starting spamming:

Bloodhoof Village is under attack

Hrm. Hey don't kill my quest givers you silly alliance dudes. I am on my way back to the village anyway and a 5oish level Warrior runs by on his way too. So, I go check it out.

2 mid 20's level NE hunters. Interesting, both flagged.

I don't really want to get into world PvP I am rep grinding here. But one of the NE decided to chicken cluck me and then challenged me to a duel. Did you know dueling cross faction flags you when you kill the other person? I didn't. So...I kill the higher of the two hunters because. They suck. Although they do have one of those spitting snake things. Hate those. But I digress.

Whitemane is my cat. He's white and he loves to chew on tasty mobs and allies and NE and gnome are he favorites. I send him to chew on the NE, I ice trap the spitting snake and start the pew pew. Oh did I mention I had been battlegrounding before that day? And I am set up for Battlegrounds with my gear is stamina heavy. And my pet doesn't have growl active, but bite? Perhaps I should have mentioned that to little NE girl/boy. Don't both of them have girl type looks?

The other hunter just stands there as the first goes down. Um..hello, I just flagged. You don't stand there. I rip the 24 lvl hunter apart. Really, he's toast.

I was all good with them being dead and me going back to turning in quests for rep. BUT no...they gotta attack me again....before they are fully healed back up. Both go down again. About the same spot too. Really, run away, seriously.

They come back and are smart enough to move away before rezzing. We find them and I attack. Forgetting that I am low on HP too and that stupid snake gets me. Normally I ignore the pet, but this time I decide to be a jerk and kill the pet first. Stupid Stupid Stupid. I die. come back and rezz and the warrior is chasing the higher of the two (the lower apparently wasn't rezzing after 4 deaths, by me)

The hunter is running across Mulgore (heading toward TB for some reason), weaving around mobs so as to not pull aggro. She's got a head start on me and she has cheetah and so do I. What she doesn't know is Whitemane has Bestial Swiftness. So he can run just as fast as she can. He doesn't have to weave like she does because he doesn't care about aggro. He cares about a NE snack. He catches here and stuns her. That brings her into my range and she gets a concussive shot to make sure she understands life is about to get ugly. Long story shorter, she dies. Her fourth death at my hands and I decide I've had enough and head back to the BH village. Apparently that was enough for her because she came back unflagged. Heh.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Woot! Made 29

Okay so as you can see above, I made 29. Now it is time for me to wander back into the Battlegrounds and soak up some honor and marks.

I am currently raising up the Ravager, named Howdy. The white lion Echeyakee, whom I named Whitemane, and the boar formerly known as Bellygrub, whom I haven't named. Since Gore and Charge are about to enter the dead zone, I suspect I'll be dropping the boar and picking one back up when I get to 48. I doubt I'll do enough PvP to really need that charge immobilizing thing.

While I am not in the Battlegrounds playing on Halkale, perhaps I'll bring up Hawka some. Or, maybe I'll roll up another hordling..or go visit my dwarf hunter on the other server.

Monday, July 23, 2007

You don't have to be twink to do damage.

Apparently a well geared hunter can still hand out the damage in a 10-19 level WSG. Still a lot of deaths, I need help staying alive in BG. The boar's name is Howdy. I got him from Redridge. Bellygrub got me once and him and I once. Bellygrub will get tamed by Halkale once I hit 24.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

im in ur reckage stealin ur ravagers!

So after thinking about it last night and today, I decided I wanted something different. Something like a cat that would eat faces while I pew pew. What is more different than a Ravager! Oh noes, the only ravager is over in the blueberry's starting areas. So, after many deaths (I only died in Darkshore) I am the proud owner of a Ravager. Working him up to catch up to me, so he can be used for lovely carnage!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Rake, he's bad, he's different and he's mine. Well Halkale is his. Cats tend to view non-cats as possessions.

I suspect when I get a bit higher and can train the white cat that's a quest and I won't even try his name, I'll switch. White goes with my hair!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Upgrades for Hawka

The grind to 39 is progressing. Hey, I like that..the grind to 39!

So, Batgik, 61 lvl Shammy in my guild Questionable Content, helped me finish off the troll tusk part of the Whirlwind Warrior Weapon quest. He also had previously grabbed the charms from the elementals in Arathi Highlands for me too. We go to the quest giver, do the things we need to do and he summons the cyclone.

We are victorious! With Batgik's help, of course. So! Here's my new axe!

Whirlwind Axe
Binds when picked up
102 - 154 Damage
Speed 3.60
(35.6 damage per second)
+15 Strength
+14 Stamina
Durability 100 / 100
Classes: Warrior
Item Level 40

Over at Arms and Fury the talent for mace specialization was discussed. Well, on a previous run of SM, I picked up this lovely little weapon.

Mograine's Might
Binds when picked up
Two Hand Mace
87-131 Dmg Speed 2.80
(38.9 damage per second)
+17 Stamina
+16 Spirit
Durability: 100 / 100
Requires Level 39

The stamina rocks, spirit is...meh. But for running the Battlegrounds, this might be a nice weapon. Throw an enchant on there and we are good to go.

So I need to get my 2hand Mace skill up. I am just using a basic green 2hand mace, no biggy. So after hitting 37 during the troll killing spring, I put 1 point in Mace Specialization. The tool tip says:
Gives your melee attacks a chance to stun your target for 3 sec and generate 6 rage when using a mace.

Hrm..interesting. Okay but we all know how much a chance is eh?

But wait! In SM, against the elites, it procced a goodly amount. It loves to do it when the mob runs too, so it's nice to keep runners close. I am definitely looking into taking the last two points I'll get and putting them in that Talent.

Let's revisit the axe. I have been trying to keep my 2 hand skills up to par, knowing this axe was coming. So both mace and axe are almost maxxed, sword is limping behind a bit.

So, we go into SM, I have the axe in hand(s) and we start in the cemetery. Come on Ironspine 1) spawn and 2) drop that chest piece! He spawns, but drops his We move over to the library to finish up a boss and get the books I need for my quests. Nice blue drops, can't use so they get vendored. We get to Herod and he drops his helm. UPGRADE!

Raging Berserker's Helm
Binds when picked up
213 Armor
+13 Strength
+8 Stamina
Durability 70 / 70
Requires Level 37
Increases your critical strike rating by 14.
Item Level 42

Crit strike is nice, more deep wounds for you!

How did the axe perform? Oh, it is nice nice nice. I use TopScoreFu and it was lighting off a lot during the runs. Of course, the windfury and Strength of Earth Totems had a huge part of that. I had several crits over 650 and several hits over 600. My highest Crit is now 711 and my highest hit is 647ish. The green Mace I am using until I get to 39 was hitting hard so that tells you how much those totems work! Go shammy go!

The axe hits like a ton of bricks. It's huge! and I need a really good enchant on it. I hear it lasts for a few levels, for when I start leveling after 39.

In the library on one of the last little rooms (with the groups in each corner and books on benches) we had a runner pull the entire room. Totems were down and I had the mace in hand. I had retaliation, sweeping strikes and cleave up, so I put up retaliation, then sweeping strikes, waited for some rage and then cleave and then spammed Thunderclap. My screen looked like the Fourth of July. Wish I had a screen print. The shammy was like WTF was that?

It was a good night. We cleared the remainder of SM and only died once, in the armory from being kinda dumb.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time for Hunter goodness!

Okay, my guildmates whom I try to play the most with, have given me their blessing to begin leveling up the hunter. So, expect more posts on the goodness of hunters as I level up and gain new skills and pets and such.

I like the change of pace of playing the warrior, sometimes. Gah, I just can't get into the flow of things with him though. Warriors are definitely harder to play than hunters. As for mastering both classes, I am not sure. I am leaning towards saying once you learn how to play a warrior, mastering the class is much easier. It seems opposite of how hunters play. Playing a hunter is easy, mastering..not so much.

My altitis might rear it's head and I'll roll up a pally. Except...I hate to roll up a Belf.

Ya know, I've wondered how a warlock would be to play.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Formatting this blog

Formatting this blog and making it look nice is sure taking me a lot of time. I start looking at it, then I don't like how it looks, or I want to add some things and what?? it needs to be changed again.

Please leave a comment if you would about things you like about the blog look and things you don't.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on Rant

We didn't make our numbers. Oh, the warehouse had enough orders to make the number and then some, but couldn't execute. Sad, sad sad.

Update: Okay perhaps we did make our numbers but only by the hair of our chin..or skin of our teeth...

Still, soon I shall be out of here, hopefully in a new job.

Respec for Hawka

Okay, based on a few thoughts on Arms and Fury blog, I respecced Hawka to total arms. Hawka is going to be my warrior in the BG. I suspect Halkale will do the BG too. I like it as a change of pace from grinding and questing. Plus at lower levels, the rewards tend to be better than other things available.

Got to my beserker weapon quest yesterday. Now, I need the help of a couple of my friends to farm the tusks and the charms from the elementals. 39 level elementals vs 34 warrior = not good for warrior. Apparently, hunters are overpowered. ;)

Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay so, I work for a sporting goods manufacturer, of sorts.

This week was close week. That time of the month where everyone loses their freakin' heads and we try and try to push more product out the door, because..well...we've sucked the previous weeks getting said product out the door and we need to make numbers. Wow...that was a long sentence.

So this month, we have 5 weeks to make our sales number. And of course, being the company lead by the insane, we wait until this week to push out over half of the number. WTF?? 5 weeks and we ship 1/2 of the sales number out in 1 Freaking week!

Seriously, you can't make this up.

So, here I sit at work at 4:30 wishing the clock forward, hoping an email or voicemail will come from my next job. Yes, I am looking for a new job. These people are dumb.

One definition of insanity is: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. calling them insane.

Warriors have a voice now!

Big Red Kitty. has a friend who has a new blog himself. It's a warrior blog. I am really excited about a warrior blog because I feel so lost sometimes as a warrior. Having played a hunter most of the time, I find myself hesitating to attack as a warrior. Oh and my other big mistake as a warrior. Trying to take on too many mobs. Yep, I keep forgetting I don't have a pet to help or ways to get out of jail.

Go visit and support a warrior blog!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clarification of sorts

For those of you who are new to this site (at the time of writing I suspect that is everyone), this blog isn't just about WOW, it's about other things, as well. In real life, I am a hunter as well, so I might talk about stuff that pertains to that. Or Pie. Cuz pie is good.


Okay this is my first post. Thought I would detail my voyage on a new server and switching factions and returning to my primary class. I just recently created a new Orc Hunter and am leveling up with some friends. We are looking toward doing battlegrounds and also end game instances, as well.

I am on Quel'dorei-US server. I currently on this server play a 6th level Hunter named Halkale. I also have a 33rd level Warrior named Hawka. Our battleground group is Emberstorm. My guild is called Questionable Content, I was invited by my friends when I came to this server to join them. Our guild is pretty laid back, some of us want to raid and do instances, while others just prefer to play around and learn new stuff.

If you are ever on QD, shoot me a whisper!