Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WTB Shoulders and Legs of the Blue rarity

So FTP is at 26, trying to get my last bit of armor upgrades before I make the final push to 29.

I want: Troll's Bane Leggings Watchman's Pauldrons

None on AH. I used Halk to do a full clear of SM, no blue drops except the BOP from the bosses.

Apparently the of the Eagle pants I had attahed clefthide armor kit to disappeared, probably vendored them on accident. /flails

I need to beg someone to run me through the Raptor Mastery quests in STV to get the chest from the end.

I am not going to go all out on the enchants, probably stam on the shield and the other areas I can get them. (i have plenty mats for level 35+ enchants) speed on my boots and some more strength.

I have used, mostly, the equipment I had for my time at 19. A few quest rewards were upgrades or really good deals on stuff in the 20's. I'll probably keep my gear through mid 30's and will start to upgrade into mail. I may not stop at 39 but press to 49 to gather more honor and marks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Battlegrounding in the 10-19 bracket is...meh

I have 1399 HP, don't really use elixirs or food buffs. It's just a waste in my mind.

I really should have had someone run me through deadmines before I got to close to leveling. that Axe from Smite would have rocked so hard.

So I use a staff, it's not as sexy, but it's a good staff. Currently I am 8-3 in WSG. I am seriously considering getting a few more marks and heading to 29.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My new character's name is.....


Yeah...original no?

Pay no attention to the FTP pally on Drenden, ok..that's me too, but the FTP you should see is on the QD. Quel'Dorei...armpit (supposedly) of WOW servers.

I made 19th last night during a run through Wailing Caverns and after a run through SFK by a guildie.

Decent gear, need my enchants, which I am going to get today. My plan is to spend a few weeks gathering some honor and marks, then when I have enough to get the 28 level WSG gear, move on to 29. Once there, I'll gather enough marks and honor for the 39 gear in both WSG and AB and then move up. Apparently 49 seems to be where most folks think Shamans rule the world so I think I'll try it out as well. At this point I may try to gather enough honor and marks in WSG and AB to get everything I might need at 70, except for the gear that needs AV and EOTS marks.

Of course I may get so frustrated in the BGs and may just level up.

Some observations of Shamans:

1) The more I play other classes the more I realize how jacked up the hunter combat system is.

2) I need to retrain myself to get away from keyboard turning. It works in PvE, don't let anyone tell you different. It doesn't work in PvP and as a melee person now, it won't work even worse.

3) I forget to drop totems. all. the. time.

4) Not having a pet hurts...must learn a different playstyle. I am learning how many adds I can take and how to best wear them down.

5) Shamans are cool. Seriously, they are a fun class to play. Not quite as sturdy as a pally (OMG it takes a ton to kill one of those) easier to solo than a pally (hello no range pull) and I like mana over rage.

6) I die a lot. A. LOT. Why? Because I don't stop to drink/heal/buff between pulls. As a hunter, there wasn't much need. With pallies and shaman, there is.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweeps and mops and cleans the place up....


If you've linked over from BRK, welcome. :wave:

A small update on my adventures in Azeroth and beyond.

As you can see below I just left the raid team in my guild. It's sad, I enjoyed raiding and seeing new content, but at this time I couldn't put in the 4 days 4 hours a raid time. My guild is great and very supportive of each of our desires in game.

I've rolled up a few alts to see what there is to see from the eyes of other characters in the game. I am really liking the shaman. Many of my alts have been on a different server to keep me from giving the new character a bunch of gold and breezing through the first levels. I wanted to re-experience what it is like to start out with nothing. Oddly enough, on the new server, I ran into someone who, I believe, reads this blog. This person gave me some gold and we quested together for a bit. In fact, I was leveling up a pally and they were leveling a shaman. Sweet combo by the way. And thanks for the help!

Monday, June 9, 2008

No more raiding

I officially resigned my position as class lead and raider for Fire and Blood. I cannot afford to put the time that serious raiding requires. In addition, WOW just doesn't have the hold on me as it once did.

I have been rolling alts on different servers (to keep from pushing alt after alt into my current guild) trying to find a new class to perhaps rekindle the fire for WOW.

I have a level 20 pally, both alliance and horde and just rolled up a shaman. I really like the shaman so far. It combines some of the hunter parts and some additional skills. But wow, I die a lot still.