Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Timid? We don't do timid now!

We kicked the front door of Kara open tonight and

And somehow Maiden and Opera screenies didn't save.

and lastly...

Opera was Oz, but before hand I am chanting legacy, legacy...

Only hunter in raid...I roll. I win. I am happy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Timidly, we enter Kara

My new guild, Death by Healer, had been working through Kara earlier in the week, but tonight they had Hal go in with them for the final three bosses to down.

Nightbane, Illhoof and Netherspite were on tap.

Nightbane..well let's not talk about him, shall we?

Illhoof is next, cuz Nightbane can have his silly ledge.

A couple of wipes later, cuz we are learning and bad things happen when the healers get chained. :(

Illhoof is down! Woot. First kill in Kara..woot go us.

On to Netherspite but first a hearth to Shatt City cuz I am at 0 durability. Woops.

2nd wipe kills the group because it's late and folks need to run.

But but...we have our first kill in Kara, life is good. Even if our bank account is depleted. We will never get an epic mount. (sigh)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pics as promised!

Hanging with the peacekeeper
Trying to get the boar to go do his business on the grass. Notice the stylish Helm?
See! I can fly
Ahhhh waterfalls are so relaxing.

If'n I were any happier, I'd be twins!

Okay so the computer saga comes to an end.

What saga you ask? Read back in the archives, it's faster than me typing another post up.


Okay so after replacing the motherboard and still no go. Buying a new power supply and that not working....I realized I was at a point I needed help.

Professional help.

A local computer repair shop treated my aunt and her teenagers' computers well (imagine viruses on laptops they don't have protection on...duh). So I dropped the behemoth off. Okay some backstory--My computer case is a CoolerMaster Server case, all metal, has wheels. For. A. Reason. It is a monster! But it's so sweet. They called last night. Yep, the motherboard AND CPU had gone bad. Both under warranty. Luck has it they have a slight upgrade and it's in the other motherboard I bought and 20ish bucks in labor plus the CPU and I am picking the computer up tonight. WOOOOOTTTTTT. W.O.O.T.!!!!!111one.

I should be back to maxed settings and 60 FPS except for major towns (oh Shat how our Video hates you). OH and I've been eyeing an upgrade to the video card too. 8800GT anyone?

I shall be updating the screen prints I need to show myself in all my 70 splendor don't you know!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Armory Bug I has it, let me show you it.

Apparently Halkale is one of the few...err many folks whose characters aren't updating well on the Armory.

Suffice to say, I am 70, have my flying mount. I'll post a great screenshot I got in Hellfire later today (of course I am sure it's nothing new for all of those who have had their mounts since 4 days after TBC release).

I am one successful run in Black Morass and a Hearthstone to Shat from being keyed for Kara.

I finally finished Ramparts. Go me! I believe it was 2 months from start to finish for that quest.

I've done all my frag quests. I've got my god-awful ugly looks like an orange octopus died on my head.Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight

I need to go farm for Beast Lord Pieces and Sonic Spear. Mostly the spear so I can gloat to BRK.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DING!!!!!! 70. Okay now what?

Get my training, which surprisingly wasn't too expensive. Equip my new bow. what?

Oh that's right...800 gold for flying rider training, plus the mount.

Up to 300.

Working on quest chains that I never attempted before now.

Found an active guild on QD. I am now a Pup in the guild Underdog. We have 12 70's and growing. They are just where I need them to be, readying themselves for Kara.

I went into Blood Furnace Tuesday night and it wasn't too bad. The backup computer didn't lose it's mind and I did well I think. The pig off tanked or tanked a lot of it, I just couldn't trust the warrior to keep aggro or know what he was doing. PUG for the

Been questing in Shadowmoon Valley. Anyone got a few spots that pay well?

Oh, made a mistake and chose Scryer on Halkale. I am now rounding up stuff to switch to Aldor.