Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

For those away from their families during this time I hope you get a chance to speak with them on the phone. Just remember to tell them you love them every time, you never know when you won't get the chance again.

I am very thankful this year because I have a new job and I start December 3rd. Woot!

My main computer is down, it's the motherboard and I need to remove it and the CPU and memory and all the other stuff and get an RMA and send it back to the manufacturer. This sucks.

Got a new video card for my old computer but it still isn't as good as it needs to be to make WOW enjoyable.

I found out I could get a decent FPS by starting a new character. Apparently the lowbie zones don't have quite the FPS hit the outlands zones do. So, I started a Druid. He's now 22 level. I die a lot. A LOT!!!!

I plan on getting him to 29, getting economy twinked and getting some good amount of honor and marks from there.

Friday, November 9, 2007

MEDIC MEDIC!!! Computer down

I built my first PC with the help of my brother in law. It is a good computer. Sadly, apparently the power supply died. I have tried to play WOW on my older computer and it's so frustrating.

I cannot step foot into a city or get 15FPS. Combat is fun because all my macros and key bindings are on my other computer.

New Power supply on the way, hopefully I don't find more problems once it's installed. Sadly, I have to order the power supply as the one I want isn't carried locally.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Squad 51, this is Rampart.

And it was a wipe.

So, Ace of Spades--okay 3 of us, Shadow Priest, Rogue and myself and my boar pig, plus a Pally for healing and a warrior. I was running the group, marked the first two just inside the instance and bam grabbed aggro on the PAT guy. We adjusted and got through it.

Overall, this was a good group, flexible and when a pull went bad or something odd happened, or someone screwed up (and we all did) we overcame it and moved on. A few deaths, the rogue had to vanish the first time on the 2nd boss to prevent the wipe. Warrior went to sword and board and I kept the healer in the back to heal him up. Of course a dang blue mace dropped. No loot for me.

Dragon boss, oh the huge mannatee. We wiped, twice. Apparently, the warrior wasn't geared well enough to stay alive and the minute he lost aggro, the priest goes down or the pally and usually meant I was the last one standing, with the rogue vanishing to keep the wipe from occuring. OH wait, that boss resets anyway.

Anyone have any idea of a plan for that boss? Do we just need to find a tank that can stand up to the dragon? How do we transition from the humanoid boss to the dragon boss?

Of course, I turn in the letter you get and DING, 62. Oh and I am now honored with Thrallmar. Woot, Leatherworking recipes! and now to get honored with Centarion Expedition.