Friday, August 31, 2007

Over the rivers and through some hills to grandma's house I go.

Well I'll be gone all weekend to my grandmother's house. Not a bad deal due to great food and time away from the hustle and bustle of city type life. It's much better now since they upgraded to satellite TV a few years back. Of course, I'll take a few guns and kill a few cans and rabbits, but it's what I do.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is it time for a new pet?

Okay so I have the white lion from the barrens that you get with a quest. I thought I was being different. I am not. I am sad because I have this white lion and I keep seeing tons of them running around. Well...I go to Petopia (see link in my favorites area) and check out the special pets section. Hrm. There are pets with unique skins. Hrm. I travel around and try to get a special skinned pet or hope that the other huntards will drop their white lion skinned pet for something else.

On my dwarf, I ran a raptor almost all the way up through until I could tame King B. Then I tamed the Raptor King and ran him through to Winterspring, then went with a bear. I am digging the cats though.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Working on my UI a bit

Okay working on my UI a bit, what do you think?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Revered with Thunder Bluff!

Okay I've moved on from the 20-29 bracket and starting to level. Turned in a quest in 1KN and woot! Revered with Thunder Bluff. Just 20988 rep left and I'll be able to buy my kodo. Maybe when I reach 40 even!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Braggin' That's all..nothing more.

Okay, maybe more than bragging. WTF is wrong with these rogues? I have tons more damage and played Defense and rocked the world of the ally and they have 20k less damage than me? Sneaky is one thing, not doing crap is another.

First group. Dang I'd BG with them anytime. They flat out rocked. We just could not be contained. Second group. WOW, they showed heart. Big freaking supersize heart. This match started out poorly, we were outnumbered, then we caught up, then we lost a few thinking we were going to lose. We didn't we came back from 2-0 and won. Yeah, this is a group of fighters. They can go to battle with me anytime. Except Matrim. You let a hunter beat you by 20k points and well..that's a shame.

I am so digging playing the Battlegrounds. They are a rush if you get in there and mix it up. There are some freaking great Alliance folks playing these days. Badman or Badassman. Warrior. Wow, he topped me in damage during a match. He just kept coming.

Dude! I want my kodo! Leave me alone!

Okay so I am 29, inching up with enough savings to get close to being ready for 40th and the mount buying time.

Well... I want a Kodo. Yes, I am an orc, but I want a kodo dangit! So, I am grinding rep in the TB area. Screamed through the Tauren starting quests and moved to Mulgore to do the Bloodhoof Village ones.

Out gathering my stones and seed/nuts for the quests, killing swoops (how much I hated those things as a young tauren) and raising up my unarmed skill. Yes, I was punching all my mobs to death and my pet was just sitting there on passive. MUNTARD FOR THE WIN!!!!

So, minding my own business and such, when the defense channel starting spamming:

Bloodhoof Village is under attack

Hrm. Hey don't kill my quest givers you silly alliance dudes. I am on my way back to the village anyway and a 5oish level Warrior runs by on his way too. So, I go check it out.

2 mid 20's level NE hunters. Interesting, both flagged.

I don't really want to get into world PvP I am rep grinding here. But one of the NE decided to chicken cluck me and then challenged me to a duel. Did you know dueling cross faction flags you when you kill the other person? I didn't. So...I kill the higher of the two hunters because. They suck. Although they do have one of those spitting snake things. Hate those. But I digress.

Whitemane is my cat. He's white and he loves to chew on tasty mobs and allies and NE and gnome are he favorites. I send him to chew on the NE, I ice trap the spitting snake and start the pew pew. Oh did I mention I had been battlegrounding before that day? And I am set up for Battlegrounds with my gear is stamina heavy. And my pet doesn't have growl active, but bite? Perhaps I should have mentioned that to little NE girl/boy. Don't both of them have girl type looks?

The other hunter just stands there as the first goes down. Um..hello, I just flagged. You don't stand there. I rip the 24 lvl hunter apart. Really, he's toast.

I was all good with them being dead and me going back to turning in quests for rep. BUT no...they gotta attack me again....before they are fully healed back up. Both go down again. About the same spot too. Really, run away, seriously.

They come back and are smart enough to move away before rezzing. We find them and I attack. Forgetting that I am low on HP too and that stupid snake gets me. Normally I ignore the pet, but this time I decide to be a jerk and kill the pet first. Stupid Stupid Stupid. I die. come back and rezz and the warrior is chasing the higher of the two (the lower apparently wasn't rezzing after 4 deaths, by me)

The hunter is running across Mulgore (heading toward TB for some reason), weaving around mobs so as to not pull aggro. She's got a head start on me and she has cheetah and so do I. What she doesn't know is Whitemane has Bestial Swiftness. So he can run just as fast as she can. He doesn't have to weave like she does because he doesn't care about aggro. He cares about a NE snack. He catches here and stuns her. That brings her into my range and she gets a concussive shot to make sure she understands life is about to get ugly. Long story shorter, she dies. Her fourth death at my hands and I decide I've had enough and head back to the BH village. Apparently that was enough for her because she came back unflagged. Heh.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Woot! Made 29

Okay so as you can see above, I made 29. Now it is time for me to wander back into the Battlegrounds and soak up some honor and marks.

I am currently raising up the Ravager, named Howdy. The white lion Echeyakee, whom I named Whitemane, and the boar formerly known as Bellygrub, whom I haven't named. Since Gore and Charge are about to enter the dead zone, I suspect I'll be dropping the boar and picking one back up when I get to 48. I doubt I'll do enough PvP to really need that charge immobilizing thing.

While I am not in the Battlegrounds playing on Halkale, perhaps I'll bring up Hawka some. Or, maybe I'll roll up another hordling..or go visit my dwarf hunter on the other server.