Saturday, March 29, 2008

Raid Night is awesome

So, tonight was raid night for Fire and Blood.

As you recall we downed Gruul's lair last time and moved into Maggy.

This time it was SSC. First we did the fishing pull for Lurker down below. Oh and BTW, got to 375 Fishing earlier in the day. We wipe a few times, I die on a spout that hits me while in the water, blah blah. But Lurker is down.

On to Hydross. Not a hard fight for me, but it is taking some work to get the timing, dps and such down. Omen being finicky doesn't help either. Overall, I am sure we'll take him down soon. Then probably we'll go after Void Reaver and friends. Kinda hoping they fix a few of the bugs first.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

25 mans? did anyone say 25 mans?

Last Saturday went in and cleared Gruul's Lair and then tried Void Reaver. Oops, learning the orbs for the loss.

Last night, patch night, we went in and cleared the Magistrates Terrace on 5-6 groups.

Tonight, began our raid schedule. Gruul's cleared. Maggy down. Wiped on the High King twice due to bad timing on the pulls. Gruul was one shotted. Maggy the raid leader missed a call on the cube clicking, but second time was Maggy down!

Pics? I has them..let me show you them.

Gruul's from last week and Maggy's head on a stick from tonight!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Question from the comments

This was commented on one of my posts about my Ghost Saber and the red she becomes.

Anonymous said...
I know that the "red" appearance comes from the Beatial Wrath. Did your Ghost Saber learn this over time, or did have the ability when he spawned? I have a one and she doesn't have the ability.

Bestial Wrath is a talent learned skill in the Beast Mastery Tree.

Here's the tooltip:

Bestial Wrath
10% of base Mana 100 yd range
Instant cast 2 min cooldown

Send your pet into a rage causing 50% additional damage for 18 sec. While enraged, the beast does not feel pity or remorse or fear and it cannot be stopped unless killed.

The 41 point BM talent is called the Beast Within, which makes the Hunter Big Red and Mean. It reduces your mana costs and gives you the same immunity to crowd control as your pet.

If you look to the side over to the left you'll see a link to the Beast Mastery Hunter blog called Big Red Kitty. He has tons more info on this spec.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fire and Blood Group 2, Kara one night clear

So this guild has been recruiting and getting a great group of folks, over 80 members now. I sign on tonight and some of the new transfers wonder about a Kara run. Heck yeah!

4 1/2 hour run only missing Nightbane because no one can summon him. 3 wipes, 2 on prince and 1 on Curator. Yeah I caused one of the Prince wipes. FD dumb huntard. 2nd wipe was someone else's fault. Curator was an odd thing. Tank got crushed twice because we had blown through his health so fast and mistimed it.

20 badges is nice. A couple more weeks and I can get some more badge loot. Although I have the Rip-Flayer so we'll have to see. Also picked up the Tier 4 helm and the necklace from Attumen.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Congrats to the raiders of Fire and Blood

Fire and Blood did a first run into Kara this weekend and did a full clear on the first try!!!

I think they had a couple of wipes, but nothing major.

I suspect it is because they didn't take a hunter. :(

NO actually, I am pretty well geared from Kara and only have a couple of upgrades I still would need from there. I worked on fishing while they raided. WOOT I made 350 in fishing!

Friday, March 14, 2008

OMG where the @#&@($ have you been FTP?


I've been looking for a new guild. I found one. Amazingly enough I am still one of only a couple hunters, one of which is an alt, I think. Saturday, after getting all the people keyed and somewhat geared up, we are hitting Kara for the very first time. Stay tuned as I'll post kill shots if I am in there.

Guild has a lot of folks who are rerolls from other servers or transfers from other servers so in many ways a very experienced guild.

Welcome to Fire and Blood.

My guild leader is an enhancement shammy (yeah I know shammy gear as quest rewards blahhhh Go check out his blog.