Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay so, I work for a sporting goods manufacturer, of sorts.

This week was close week. That time of the month where everyone loses their freakin' heads and we try and try to push more product out the door, because..well...we've sucked the previous weeks getting said product out the door and we need to make numbers. Wow...that was a long sentence.

So this month, we have 5 weeks to make our sales number. And of course, being the company lead by the insane, we wait until this week to push out over half of the number. WTF?? 5 weeks and we ship 1/2 of the sales number out in 1 Freaking week!

Seriously, you can't make this up.

So, here I sit at work at 4:30 wishing the clock forward, hoping an email or voicemail will come from my next job. Yes, I am looking for a new job. These people are dumb.

One definition of insanity is: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. calling them insane.

Warriors have a voice now!

Big Red Kitty. has a friend who has a new blog himself. It's a warrior blog. I am really excited about a warrior blog because I feel so lost sometimes as a warrior. Having played a hunter most of the time, I find myself hesitating to attack as a warrior. Oh and my other big mistake as a warrior. Trying to take on too many mobs. Yep, I keep forgetting I don't have a pet to help or ways to get out of jail.

Go visit and support a warrior blog!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clarification of sorts

For those of you who are new to this site (at the time of writing I suspect that is everyone), this blog isn't just about WOW, it's about other things, as well. In real life, I am a hunter as well, so I might talk about stuff that pertains to that. Or Pie. Cuz pie is good.


Okay this is my first post. Thought I would detail my voyage on a new server and switching factions and returning to my primary class. I just recently created a new Orc Hunter and am leveling up with some friends. We are looking toward doing battlegrounds and also end game instances, as well.

I am on Quel'dorei-US server. I currently on this server play a 6th level Hunter named Halkale. I also have a 33rd level Warrior named Hawka. Our battleground group is Emberstorm. My guild is called Questionable Content, I was invited by my friends when I came to this server to join them. Our guild is pretty laid back, some of us want to raid and do instances, while others just prefer to play around and learn new stuff.

If you are ever on QD, shoot me a whisper!