Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GAHHHH more WSG marks

So last night I look down at my stacks of marks and realize (incorrectly) I only need 5 more WSG marks to get my Kodo! The first game is like a root canal with no drugs and a blind dentist. We lose 3-0 because we have less than zero offense. Is it just me or does WSG tend to attract the morons of WOW? Like all the morons waiting to jack up every PUG are waiting in WSG to mess that up?

So I get my five marks and rush to Org to turn them in and get my kodo and get to Outlands to build my bank up for the Epic riding skill. Wait...what? it's 30 marks each. (fist shake)

So, tonight I get to hang out in WSG. I am sooooo very happy.

Anyone playing the PTR and have word on the changes to AV?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where in the world is Hal the hunter?

Okay it's been a few days since my last post. Ooops.

Well life has been busy for me. Work sucks, what's new... My friends and I left Blood Line and created our own guild called Ace of Spades. I've been developing our forums and working on a website, so I have that going for me. ;)

As you can see I also made 58, ran through the portal and made 59 a few hours later. Upgrades are plentiful.

Yes, I have had my first Fel Reaver death. That is a funny story actually. I avoided Fel Reaver deaths during my time soloing over the weekend. Yesterday, our 58 priest walked into Outlands and we were getting him caught up to me. We avoided a Fel Reaver and I called it a bad word and it NO LIE came back for me!

As soon as the website is more than just a filler website I'll link it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Are the Epic PvP rewards worth it at 60?

I enjoy playing in the battlegrounds and would really like to spend some time in there as I get closer to 60. Maybe when I hit 60, I'll go hang out in AV for a long time.

So my question is this, are the PvP epic rewards worth it? Or will a few hours in Outlands replace them quickly?

Edit: Thanks for the responses. Yes I've been to Outlands on my dwarf hunter and noticed how quickly I moved from sucky old world greens to OL greens! I just wasn't sure how quickly one might replace the "OMG PURPLEZZZZZ" epics from PvP, since I didn't really do PvP on my dwarf.

Is that a shiny spear on your back or are you happy to see me?

Well earlier today I snuck into AV and got a win on my first time in the battleground. So, yes you see I have the Ice Barbed Spear. I had a guildy throw a +15 Intel on the spear too. Why? Well, I have a goodly amount of agility already and mana consumption is normally my problem.
I think you should have your enchants and armor/weapons be a complete set instead of pieces. In other words, does the totality of the "set" work for your playstyle. End game I probably wouldn't do this, but that spear will carry me through a long time and now if I see stamina/agility type armor I can work on that and still have a decent amount of intel.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lost in a guild, how do you avoid this?

Blood Line looks like a really good guild, lots of activity, the 70's are working on getting everyone keyed for Kara and it seems the lower level folks are helping each other.

That's all well and good for me as I am used to working solo until I need help with an instance.

But, the question before us to day, is how do I not get lost in the guild. How do I work through the leveling process and not become just a member or a number? How do I become a positive addition to a guild and still have the ability to do what I want to do? I want to get into later instances and do end game stuff. I suspect I'll have plenty of time as I don't doubt I'll be 70 for an extended period of time prior to the new expansion coming out.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Merge to a new guild

I am level 49 now and finally got the Grimlock's Charge to drop. While farming the back part of Uldaman for it, we got an invitation to merge our guild with another. Most of us joined the new guild, including most of the higher level folks, as I see.

The problem? I went from being one of, if not the, top hunter in my smaller guild, to middle of the pack in a larger guild. Time will tell if I can make a spot for myself.

Apparently the armory thing above didn't update on last night's exit. hrm..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cooking and fishing....

Okay so I have 169 Fishing and 295 Cooking. The only real yellow recipe for me is one that uses Mightfish, which apparently take over 400 in Fishing.

Seriously, why does a recipe that takes 275 Cooking need an item you need 100+ more in another skill to get?

I do suppose it's not horrible since you can skill up fishing by just catching fish. Heck I can skill up fishing for deviate fish so I can get my pirate or ninja mojo!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Brew Fest

Well they finally got the "Barker" quests fixed on QD. I was able to do the run my first time. I did okay on my barrel quest, but let the darn ram go into exhausted too many times.

I will have a ram though, if I keep this up.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Building a Hunter

First and foremost, you want to know the best talent build for a hunter, look no further than There is just no reason not to build as you level exactly the way he tells you to in the first 40 points. Want to build for a battle ground twink? Well maybe BM isn't the way to go early in your life. Most WSG/AB battles are quick and you need damage output in short bursts, so MM might be the way to go. After you get intimidation though, you cannot stay away from BM. In fact, depending on how you play AB or WSG, it might be best to stay BM. I did, until the last week or so in 39 and I switched over to MM to try it out.

What build determines the best build for you? Playstyle mostly. Of course, this is a moot point until you reach up into your higher levels. BM has been considered the best leveling build by most hunters. It buffs your pet, makes him an effective tank and your pet does enough damage to hold aggro well. As a MM, you can crit a few times and grab aggro. Survival is really an end game type of build, it requires a lot (read 600+) agility to really shine.

But build discussion isn't my main concern here. That you can find everywhere. My main concern here is what armor, stats etc should I look for as I build my hunter.

Here are some facts. Hunters are designed to do their damage at range. They are designed to use their pets to help them stay at range. A hunter uses mana. In a perfect world, a hunter should never take damage except when stealing aggro or adds or those pesky casters that suddenly switch targets.

Let's examine the facts.

Hunters are designed to do their damage at range. Okay so why do we carry melee weapons. Well, for one thing, you at some time, will have something get to melee on you. For the first 10 levels you don't have a pet to tank for you. But the real reason we have melee weapons (ok how about the nicest reason) is for you to be able to bonus your stats. What stats you ask? Agility, Stamina and Intelligence. Also, Ranged Attack Power (or attack power), Hit, Crit Chance, etc. For the most part, as you are moving up through the levels you will see plus to Stats though.

Notice that in this there isn't a need for strength. Or Spirit.

So, what do you need to look for on the AH etc?

First things first. Once you pass level 10, you should be working to not pull aggro off your pet. Keep it trained with the highest level of claw and growl, or gore, if you go with the ravager or boar. After that your armor doesn't matter as much. Work on saving money because at the very first you will move through levels so quickly, spending a ton of cash on armor/weapons won't pay off.

There is one exception. Your ranged weapon of choice should always be as up to date as possible. A point here: Range weapons with special procs or some such won't be as nice as additional stats bonuses. If you get a nice drop, certainly use it, but don't drop a bunch of gold on it. You want to save for your mount and have cash left over for a nice enchant if you get a nice blue. See, a blue might last you 5-6 levels, if nothing else is good out there.

I try to spend nothing on armor/weapons until i get to the capital city through questing. As a hunter you can use leather and cloth, get a cloth drop and it's an upgrade to your armor area? Put it on. Especially early when they don't soulbond.

As you begin to progress you might notice armor starts to get stats added to the areas. You should be looking for of the Falcon, of the Eagle and of the Monkey armor pieces. These carry your top three stat needs. Falcon is nice due to bonus to Agility and Intel. Monkey is nice for Agility and Stamina. And Eagle is Intel and Stamina.

A point here. Try to work your entire armor and weapon set as a whole. In other words if you find a piece that bonuses agility heavy on one slot, put intel or stamina in another. Oh and another point, single stat pieces don't usually sell for as much as multiple bonus ones. Might mean a good deal can be had on a of Stamina or of Intel piece.

I have more to write but I am rambling now so I want to end this and think things through a bit before continuing.