Monday, July 23, 2007

You don't have to be twink to do damage.

Apparently a well geared hunter can still hand out the damage in a 10-19 level WSG. Still a lot of deaths, I need help staying alive in BG. The boar's name is Howdy. I got him from Redridge. Bellygrub got me once and him and I once. Bellygrub will get tamed by Halkale once I hit 24.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

im in ur reckage stealin ur ravagers!

So after thinking about it last night and today, I decided I wanted something different. Something like a cat that would eat faces while I pew pew. What is more different than a Ravager! Oh noes, the only ravager is over in the blueberry's starting areas. So, after many deaths (I only died in Darkshore) I am the proud owner of a Ravager. Working him up to catch up to me, so he can be used for lovely carnage!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Rake, he's bad, he's different and he's mine. Well Halkale is his. Cats tend to view non-cats as possessions.

I suspect when I get a bit higher and can train the white cat that's a quest and I won't even try his name, I'll switch. White goes with my hair!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Upgrades for Hawka

The grind to 39 is progressing. Hey, I like that..the grind to 39!

So, Batgik, 61 lvl Shammy in my guild Questionable Content, helped me finish off the troll tusk part of the Whirlwind Warrior Weapon quest. He also had previously grabbed the charms from the elementals in Arathi Highlands for me too. We go to the quest giver, do the things we need to do and he summons the cyclone.

We are victorious! With Batgik's help, of course. So! Here's my new axe!

Whirlwind Axe
Binds when picked up
102 - 154 Damage
Speed 3.60
(35.6 damage per second)
+15 Strength
+14 Stamina
Durability 100 / 100
Classes: Warrior
Item Level 40

Over at Arms and Fury the talent for mace specialization was discussed. Well, on a previous run of SM, I picked up this lovely little weapon.

Mograine's Might
Binds when picked up
Two Hand Mace
87-131 Dmg Speed 2.80
(38.9 damage per second)
+17 Stamina
+16 Spirit
Durability: 100 / 100
Requires Level 39

The stamina rocks, spirit is...meh. But for running the Battlegrounds, this might be a nice weapon. Throw an enchant on there and we are good to go.

So I need to get my 2hand Mace skill up. I am just using a basic green 2hand mace, no biggy. So after hitting 37 during the troll killing spring, I put 1 point in Mace Specialization. The tool tip says:
Gives your melee attacks a chance to stun your target for 3 sec and generate 6 rage when using a mace.

Hrm..interesting. Okay but we all know how much a chance is eh?

But wait! In SM, against the elites, it procced a goodly amount. It loves to do it when the mob runs too, so it's nice to keep runners close. I am definitely looking into taking the last two points I'll get and putting them in that Talent.

Let's revisit the axe. I have been trying to keep my 2 hand skills up to par, knowing this axe was coming. So both mace and axe are almost maxxed, sword is limping behind a bit.

So, we go into SM, I have the axe in hand(s) and we start in the cemetery. Come on Ironspine 1) spawn and 2) drop that chest piece! He spawns, but drops his We move over to the library to finish up a boss and get the books I need for my quests. Nice blue drops, can't use so they get vendored. We get to Herod and he drops his helm. UPGRADE!

Raging Berserker's Helm
Binds when picked up
213 Armor
+13 Strength
+8 Stamina
Durability 70 / 70
Requires Level 37
Increases your critical strike rating by 14.
Item Level 42

Crit strike is nice, more deep wounds for you!

How did the axe perform? Oh, it is nice nice nice. I use TopScoreFu and it was lighting off a lot during the runs. Of course, the windfury and Strength of Earth Totems had a huge part of that. I had several crits over 650 and several hits over 600. My highest Crit is now 711 and my highest hit is 647ish. The green Mace I am using until I get to 39 was hitting hard so that tells you how much those totems work! Go shammy go!

The axe hits like a ton of bricks. It's huge! and I need a really good enchant on it. I hear it lasts for a few levels, for when I start leveling after 39.

In the library on one of the last little rooms (with the groups in each corner and books on benches) we had a runner pull the entire room. Totems were down and I had the mace in hand. I had retaliation, sweeping strikes and cleave up, so I put up retaliation, then sweeping strikes, waited for some rage and then cleave and then spammed Thunderclap. My screen looked like the Fourth of July. Wish I had a screen print. The shammy was like WTF was that?

It was a good night. We cleared the remainder of SM and only died once, in the armory from being kinda dumb.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time for Hunter goodness!

Okay, my guildmates whom I try to play the most with, have given me their blessing to begin leveling up the hunter. So, expect more posts on the goodness of hunters as I level up and gain new skills and pets and such.

I like the change of pace of playing the warrior, sometimes. Gah, I just can't get into the flow of things with him though. Warriors are definitely harder to play than hunters. As for mastering both classes, I am not sure. I am leaning towards saying once you learn how to play a warrior, mastering the class is much easier. It seems opposite of how hunters play. Playing a hunter is easy, mastering..not so much.

My altitis might rear it's head and I'll roll up a pally. Except...I hate to roll up a Belf.

Ya know, I've wondered how a warlock would be to play.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Formatting this blog

Formatting this blog and making it look nice is sure taking me a lot of time. I start looking at it, then I don't like how it looks, or I want to add some things and what?? it needs to be changed again.

Please leave a comment if you would about things you like about the blog look and things you don't.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on Rant

We didn't make our numbers. Oh, the warehouse had enough orders to make the number and then some, but couldn't execute. Sad, sad sad.

Update: Okay perhaps we did make our numbers but only by the hair of our chin..or skin of our teeth...

Still, soon I shall be out of here, hopefully in a new job.

Respec for Hawka

Okay, based on a few thoughts on Arms and Fury blog, I respecced Hawka to total arms. Hawka is going to be my warrior in the BG. I suspect Halkale will do the BG too. I like it as a change of pace from grinding and questing. Plus at lower levels, the rewards tend to be better than other things available.

Got to my beserker weapon quest yesterday. Now, I need the help of a couple of my friends to farm the tusks and the charms from the elementals. 39 level elementals vs 34 warrior = not good for warrior. Apparently, hunters are overpowered. ;)