Monday, August 11, 2008

Tanking, yeah I can do that!

Last week, I gained enough honor and marks to get the stuff I wanted for Gert. I decided to pick up the plate stuff for 40, since I plan on leveling quickly and my stuff is pretty good as of right now.

I am running FTP through the Barrens to pick up the last of his PvP rewards and someone whispers me to see if I will do RFK. I tell them I would rather do RFK on my pally. They could use a "tank" and I log over to Gert.

Tanking RFK is a matter of trying to get as many as the mobs as possible to focus on you. Priest healed, enh Shaman, Fury Warrior and a hunter. Well...we didn't lack for DPS. I ended up tanking everything with my two-handed axe.

The hunter left and we got a higher level rogue to come in, did a quick run through SM-GY. This time I actually tanked most of the instance. The rogue left and a guildmate brought his rogue in for a run through SM-Library. Tanking not a problem, but we did have a couple deaths....but No wipes.

Afterward, I spoke with the guild's pally tanks and respecced to Prot. I swapped my 18 stam enchant for a Mithril Shield spike (mostly to help leveling) and tonight I hope to tank SM again. At close to 33, I might be able, with a good group, to get into Armory.