Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ding 40 A clean Plate is a Happy Plate

Saturday Night I dinged to 40, put on all the Plate armor I have gathered over the past few weeks and strutted my stuff.

Okay not really strutted, but you know what I mean.

I am a I sorta sashayed. kinda.

I shoulda picked a female model though.

Well, I am lacking a couple of plate upgrades, but again gear switches to a new type of gear are not new to me, coming from Hunter's ability to move to mail.

Sometimes it's not worth the upgrade. But, there is a chest piece in RFD that is way worth the upgrade and it drops from the first boss.

So I decided to go get it.


4 deaths..or was it 5. I cleared the room and banged the gong.

First wave of 10 spiders no problems. 2nd wave, also no problems. Sit, drink, rebuff, wait for bubble to end cooldown.

Bang gong.

And the big boss walked right by me. Some circuit it seems he does, and when I caught him I ended up with a add of one of those boar PATs.

I died. Run back, boss is still there and I take him down. He's less hard than the pulls you have to do.

Seriously I could 2 man RFD, with a Feral Druid or even a Resto druid for sure. Any type of healer would work.

Oh and the cape dropped. Still a nice cape.