Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aggro? What do you mean I shouldn't pull aggro?

Last night Gert dinged to 35, I was questing in Arathi Highlands, realizing how much fun being a prot pally truly is.

Adds? heh I relish adds.

In fact, let me grab that mob and that mob and yeah sure that mob over there. Lay down consecrate for some front loaded damage and make sure no one comes along and steals my precious mobs.

Oh you run and get more mobs..niiiiiccccceee

I am working on getting the ability to switch mobs, Bring up Seal of Justice, Judge and move to the next. Big change from the focus fire pattern of Huntering.

I got the three heads from the Darybie Farm and headed back to UC to turn in the quest. I entered LFG to try to see if I could run some more SM. Yeah, I'd like the pants and chest from the Scarlet Armor set. And Herod's Shoulder. And Ravager just for giggles.

Finally get a group together. Resto shaman, Feral Druid, Ret Pally and Enhance Shaman. 2 pulls into Armory and the Resto Shaman has to leave group due to buying gold. Freakin nub.

The Feral druid switches to healing when needed.

And the ret pally and enh shaman try to see how many mobs they can pull off me.

I have more health.

I have more armor.

I am a prot pally.

They did not understand that I needed to be the ones the mobs hit.

I marked pulls, they attacked X.

The ret pally kept dropping consecrate. And not giving out blessings. And kept ret aura up.

And wondered why he didn't have BoK.


The druid was good. I'd be happy to run with her again.

Herod dropped his helm, which I have.

Lvl 35 Prot Pally LFG......